Our specialised services and knowledge, enables you to source from highly sustainable and ethical supply chains. Highest compliance with industry standards and regulations are maintained with each of our sources, leading and traceable to the end consumer. This gives us a sustainable strategic advantage, which is incorporated into our products we provide. Our unique selling proposition is our commitment to sustainability, from seed to shelf.

Hoc-Age’s 7 units are well equipped to produce a wide range of products. These are vertically integrated and spread over a factory area of more than 1.6 million sq.ft.  (approximately 149,000 sq.m.), including storage of raw material, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, and material handling space.

The production facilities are equipped with latest technology shuttle-less looms, handlooms, pit-looms, frame-looms, power-looms, braiding machines, bathmats tufting machines, computerised and manual embroidery, digital and manual printing set-up. 

We offer various techniques in our products:

TuftedHand/ machine tufted
WovenHand/ machine woven
KnittingHand/ machine knitting
QuiltingMemory foam/ Fibre
PrintingDigital/ manual printing
EmbroideryHand/ Machine embroidery
Type of Machinery Capacity (per month)
Handlooms–Frame;Dobby;Jacquard200,000 Meters
Pit looms100,000 Pieces
Shuttle-less Computerised Looms200,000 Meters
Power Looms – Dobby; Jacquard300,000 Meters
Braiding Machines100,000 Sq. Foot
Tufted Bathmats1 Million Plus Pieces
Hand-tufted and Hand-Loom Carpets25,000 Sq. Mtr.
Stitching700,000 Pcs.
Computer Embroidery2.5 Billion stitches
Manual EmbroideryVaries with design
Terry Towels20,000 Units
Fabric Dyeing300,000 Meters
Yarn Dyeing250,000 Kgs